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New Home Construction in Central Virginia


Quality Construction

How many times have you heard the saying; "You can't judge a book by its cover."
Well the same holds true for homes. What you see may not be what you get. Just because a home meets code does not necessarily mean that you have invested in something that will withstand the test of time. Quality construction starts with the foundation and proper selection of materials ensures a blanket of security in knowing that your mortgage will not out-live your home.


Quality Building Materials

At Nick Reams Construction Services, Inc., we carefully select the materials that go into your home to assure that you receive the best quality for your hard earned dollars. Lumber has to meet certain standards in how it was kiln dried, to how it was stored at the lumber company. This is to ensure that the material does not twist and bow over time. Carpet is carefully selected to provide a material that will resist matting and crushing with regular daily activity in your home. Now that may not sound like much until after a few years you find it necessary to replace items that you still owe on.


We Take The Time

We take the time to determine the method of manufacture and to stay aware of the ever-changing improvements in the manufacturing process for the materials that will be placed in your home. The end result is a home that has been carefully planned with the premise of quality as the foundation on which to build. Granted, nothing lasts forever, but it sure doesn't hurt to extend the life of a product. When you think about replacing articles in your home, it should be to "update" rather than replace due to inferior product selection by contractors that maximize their profits by minimizing the excellence of your home.

The bottom line in our accounting journal is the customer, and the highest profit a business can realize is a satisfied customer!